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Zone 15 Regulations

Black Donald Lake is located within Zone 15. Black Donald also has exceptions within the regulations that are different from most lakes. Be sure to check the 2012 regulations before you head out on the lake.
Fishing and Hunting Licences available on site

Be prepared and have your leisure craft licence.

This is just a bit of our background to show you how we arrived at today's park!

Mervyn and Mark Stubinsky and their family is one of the oldest families still remaining after hydro expropriated lands all around the town of Black Donald. The property was needed to create one of the largest manmade lakes in Canada. The Mountain Chute dam was built in 1967 (thus the name Centennial) and needed land to hold the waters back. The town of Black Donald was demolished, the church, stores, homes etc…, the water was raised as high as 65 ft using causeways and concrete to help hold it back. After long battles with hydro we traded our land for 105 acres with 5600ft of waterfront. .

In 1974 Mervyn married Ann Norton and together had two children John and Janice. In 1990, Mark Stubinsky passed away willing his shares to Mervyn's children thus creating the partnership you see today. Our beloved Mervyn joined Mark with the angels in December 2017. Lily, Abby, Beth and Hunter have arrived to start the next generation at Black Donald Tent and Trailer Park.

Our family has taken great pride in the land around us promoting, recycling and conservation for many years so, the future of our way of life remains full of the quality, so many people desire. Over the years we developed over 80 sites of serviced and unserviced lots, while still preserving the beauty of the land through conservation. Throughout time, there has been many changes in campgrounds some good and some not so good, but here at Black Donald Tent and Trailer Park we try to keep natures interest at heart.

Anytime our campers arrive we welcome them with open arms, knowing they come for the serenity and beauty we have grown to cherish and love.


Ann,Janice,Lily,Abby,Beth,John and Hunter Stubinsky

Please join our family for a wonderful family vacation we can all enjoy.
Mervyn Stubinsky 1933-2017