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Zone 15 Regulations

Black Donald Lake is located within Zone 15. Black Donald also has exceptions within the Regulations that are different from most lakes. Be sure to check the 2012 regulations before you head out on the lake.
Fishing and Hunting Licences available on site

Be prepared and have your leisure craft licence.

Campground Rules

  1. All campers must register at the office before entering campground
  2. All registration documents must be completed at the beginning of every season.
  3. All campsite rates allows for two adults and their dependent children, one vehicle and one camping unit per site.
  4. All seasonal sites are rented one season at a time. The summer season is May 1st to September 30th.  Campsites used off season, winter rates apply. Seasonal sites must have deposit paid by March 15th and balance paid by May 15th each year.
  5. Construction of docks, decks, and sheds permitted only during the month of May.
  6. All Visitors must register before entering grounds.  Visitor rates apply.
  7. All campers are responsible for their visitors
  8. No one can use your campsite. If you are there, visitor rates apply. If you are not there, daily campsite rates apply.
  9. No swimming or fishing from the docks.
  10. No garbage pick-up after September 30th.
  11. No chain saws allowed on the grounds.
  12. No guns allowed on the grounds.
  13. No motorbikes or ATV?s allowed on the grounds.
  14. All animals must be on a leash
  15. Each site is entitled to free launching. Visitors must pay launch fee if they are paying visitor fee. Visitors paying campsite rate have free launch
  16. No trees are to be cut or have the bark stripped from them.
  17. No loud music or noise after 10:30pm.
  18. No storage of boats, snowmobiles, etc without permission.  Storage rates apply.
  19. Park water is not to be used for lawn watering or washing vehicles.
  20. Trailers can be left on site during off season, without charge, as long as you are keeping your site for the following season.  Otherwise storage rates apply.
  21. All park roads are closed until May 1st or until conditions permit.
  22. All electricity is turned off September 30th unless other arrangements are made.  
  23. All sites must be cleared off completely before vacating the site.
  24. Operation of generators between 1:00pm - 3:00pm only. All generators must be stored in a soundproof enclosure.
  25. No trailers can be sold on the site.  
  26. Please follow all garbage and recycling guidelines.